Wednesday, February 28, 2007

It was my 1st day of work after my long holiday n went to lao yusheng with my 8 of my colleagues with Ah ma as the organiser. Btw, Ah ma is one of the SEN in my ward, very cute aunty with a loud voice. Vey fun going out with her, won't be short of laughter hee. Don't ask me why am i calling her ah ma cos everyone have been calling her that since the day i stepped into ward 61 hee.
After lao yusheng, the night was still young therefore the 9 of us decided to go for desserts somewhere near Bugis. Don know the exact place of the little dessert shop onli know we risked our little lifes jay walking all the way for the sake of eating desserts hee. Business was good and got to queue, too many choices, took a little while to decide hee.

Me, Josephine aka Jo Jo and Chiew Mei aka Meimei

Me and my honeydew sago

Meimei, Carol, fione & JoJo with their desserts

Not forgetting e rest, we have chong aka Da Jie (Y scratching head hee),Ah Ma, Hilary & Jocelyn

And its not the end yet, we still have part 3, as you know, gal's talk is never ending........... On our way to destination 3 @ McDonald.
Carol & Me @ McDonald's

Busy snapping each other while the rest busy with their gal's talk kekeke. We actually got 4 cameras that day hee.
Its finally home sweet home ending off with a group photo before the clock hits 12 midnight hee.

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Monday, February 26, 2007

Thot of adding some post x'mas picture that i took with my gal friends. Attended my very first X'mas BBQ party after don know how many donkey years ago organised by Huihui aka Huijun's sister n friends. It was a raining evening and we ended up BBQing under the shelter, a different experience hee... Something comical happened too, somebody's slippers broke (not to mention any names hee) luckily a kind soul went and brought her a new pair of slippers. In the mean time this was her makeshift slippers ke ke ke

Our make shift BBQ pit, brought too much food couldn't finished in the end hee. This was the log cake we had, tastes great.

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Was chatting with fione the other day about starting my own blog, have been procastinating and finally made the very first move in creating one. Btw, Fione is one of my best friend n my best colleague in KKH. Working life is tough its always good to have a good friend by your side to provide support. One that you can pour all ur unhappiness n happiness from work.

Today is the last day of my long CNY holiday a total of 12 days, pretty long holiday haven been doing anything meaningful, hmm got to think of something to do, kinda wasting my time away...Going back to work tomorrow seems funny after such a long break, nevetheless still got to return to work...Back to the battle field....

Speaking of CNY, this is a special year because this is the 1st time i went to HuiJun's place for CNY and learnt a new skill (dry swimming) Ü Yup, its mahjong sad to say have been the one paying school fees to the Gao Shous..... Nonetheless, its fun and its a once a year thingy so no regrets. Whats more, we had great food, the steamboat and guess wat? The fish slices for the steam boat was actually kept frozen for 2 years yet it still taste fresh n tender. We also had pizzahut and Yusheng. Btw, Huijun is my best friend since Secondary school.

Also had dinner with 2 of my best friends Meizhen & Aijuan since primary school, acutally me and Aijuan are quite fated, we went to the same class from primary 1 to primary 6 and even went to the same secondary school and even shared the same ECA and even in the same flute section. Whereas Meizhen went to a different Sec school and joined the band too but she was in the percussion section. Nonetheless, we remained as best friends though we seldom c each other. But its the thot that counts right Ü

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