Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Hmm, got an invitation to my colleague's son 3rd birthday party. Was thinking of what to buy for little john, thanks to ah ma that we finally found 8 more people to chip in a birthday bicycle for him out of the original 3 person. And i was tasked to get the bicycle, fortunately managed to get fione to go with me hee. Went to e nearest Toys R Us aka kid's paradise @ Suntec to look for a suitable bicycle. But it was way too exp over 80 bucks n plus delivery, its another additional 25 bucks, not worth it. So we made our way to Carrefour, found a cheaper version but e brand was of an inferior brand. Then we made our way back to Toys R Us again, on the way, we walked past a big cute mural n decided to make some pose hee

Me and Camel

Don pull my tail......

Reaching for the sun

We made our way to the arcade too, we played the basketball game and its so embarrassing onli got 12 points and the highest score was 500 over.... i got the lowest............. Sob sob..... Never mind being the lowest, my basketball was bouncing all over the place.... some even bouncing back to me, fione's basketball even bounced into my lane hee, so dangerous, luckily din hurt anyone... But it was fun, real fun, my 1st experience playing this game. Played the mario racing game too, though was bumping here n there still managed to finished the race, the best part was, I don need a license nor sense of direction to drive hee, i can still drink and drive keekeekee...

Back to Toy R Us, still couldn't decide, so we called our dear ah ma, in the end we din buy anything, fione will go back to the bicycle shop near her place to check it out. But in the end, Ah ma ended up buying the bike and delivered to my colleague's place hee

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