Friday, March 09, 2007

Couldn't remember when was the last time i stepped into Sentosa so Hui Jun aka Eeyore and me decided to venture into sentosa since its so convenient with the new LRT train @ Vivo city level 3. The 2 way ticket cost 3 bucks each. There's only a total of 4 stops with 1 of it closed. We got off at the 2nd stop and was greeted by our signature Merlion. And lots of pigs not forgetting this is the year of the pig, oink oink

Ok, enough of pigs, let's move on to our next destination which is our all time favorite underwater world, each ticket cost 19.90 bucks cum entry to the Pink Dolphin performance. Missed the show though as it was raining and the Pink Dolphin lagoon is at the other beach, couldn't make it in time for the last show at 5.30pm.

1st time touching a live starfish, not much feelings, just feel hard & rough hee, just be careful not to lift it out of the water though i do not know what will happen kekeke. Next, I got a question to ask, ever seen a turtle before? Its a stupid question but the next question i want to ask is, ever seen a turtle with pig nose? Amazed? There's one right at our underwater world.
Brief intro about the pig nosed turtle.... Here comes the real turtle....

Look at the nose, really looked like a pig nose right!!! This is the best shot i can get as its quite active keep swimming here & there hee. And within the tank, there's a wishing well with 3 little partitions each with the chinese wordings FU, LU, SHOU. And guess what, i managed to toss a coin out of fun and it dropped right into Fu, wah really made my day hope my year will be full of FU for myself, my family and friends.

Definition of Fu, Lu & Shou. Kind of small, hope its still readable.

Loving seahorses, always sticking together

Can you find the crab?
Funny eels, with their tails stucked into the sand all the time.

Giant spider crab specimen

Next, on our way to Palawan Beach where the Pink Dolphins is situated.
Looks kind of dirty with the dried seaweeds along the shore

Who's funny hand is that?????

Wanted to watch the musical fountain but missed it too as it was fully occupied. Next time got to be early, it pays to be kiasu hee. Refused entry by the staffs, next show is an hour later, decided not to wait, heading back to Harbourfront for our dinner at Pastamania hee

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