Monday, March 26, 2007

Worked the most free working day last Sunday, only had 2 patients, hmm guess this will onli happen in KKH hee. Finally my night colleagues came to take over the shift, happily walked to the staff toilet onli to find my sandals missing.... Hmm, could i have left it in my locker or inside my bag? Hmm, searched high, low, left, right no sandals in sight.... Hmm.... how could this happen? Have been leaving my sandals on the shoe rack for so long and nothing like this has ever happened..... Thot i might have offended somebody or somebody wore my sandals home by mistake....

Left with no choice got to wear my black track shoes home with my 3/4 pants. Walked back to my ward to tell my colleagues, then kind ah ma went back to e toilet with me to help me find still no sign of my sandals... maybe 4 eyes better than 2 but still.... sigh...

Smsed fione about it, she felt disgusted thinking what if the owner had atheletic foot??? Hmm... Cannot understand what's so nice about stealing old shoes? Its not even new, not even branded...

Then i smsed my bf, he asked me to think on the positive side, he said " when something bad happens, it means something good is on the way". Hmm, sounds nice Ü Maybe God is giving me excuses to buy new sandals hee. Actually i'm not angry over the lost of my sandals, just cannot understand what that person is thinking...

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