Monday, April 23, 2007

Haven't been blogging for a while, been trying to think hard but find myself still trap inside my little invisible box, he asked me to jump out of the box but i can't... i'm trap... i need a ladder.... where can i find that ladder??? I find myself living in this little box of mine alone.... when can i ever walk into his or other's box...

Came across this article about what real life couples have to say about cross cultural relationship, i couldn't agreed more with their sentiments.

Being in a cross-cultural relationship inevitably adds other facets of complexity, which can be mesmerizing and thrilling, but at the same time frustrating and confusing. Not only do we have to deal with common relationship issues, but also experience miscommunication due to discrepancies in cultural perspectives, behaviors and beliefs.

Due to differences in language usage and expressions, in addition to the innate cultural conduct, greater compromise and understanding is required to maintain a healthy relationship.

The fact that dating, or being married to, someone of another culture inevitably brings out our distinct cultural values and predispositions. Some of these idiosyncrasies are to be appreciated and cherished, while others may act as obstacles which, with appropriate communication and consideration, can ultimately be surmounted. Even so, it is important to bear in mind that for a relationship to flourish, compromise from both sides is required, while at times overwhelming cultural misunderstanding and intolerance may prove to be the Achilles` heel in these relationships.

Fundamentally, it is the trust and openness in communication that crystallizes a relationship and determines how couples get along. Regardless of our cultural backgrounds, a successful relationship is still very much based on the deep-seated love a couple has for each other. Being sensitive to and considerate of a partner's cultural differences is the key to maintaining a healthy and happy relationship.

With the escalating level of cross-cultural interactions in our society and, thus, an ever-increasing number of cross-cultural relationships, it is crucial to go beyond the confinements of stereotyping and intolerance towards a different culture. There is a need to open up our hearts and minds to relish and appreciate, rather than criticize or reject, the differences that exist under a canopy of diverse cultures.

Is relationship a box of jig saw puzzle? Must every couple fit each other like puzzle? There are so many puzzle pieces walking around how to know who is the perfect match? How many pieces do we need to try before finding the correct one? Will it take a lifetime to find? Life is not perfect, must we be persistant to find that missing perfect piece? Can't compromise with what we have? Isn't life being about compromising, sharing and forgiving?

Do we have to follow the crowd, do we have to follow the norm? Do we have to care so much about what our families and friends have to say? Y must we let our environment shape us? Y can't we shape our environment?

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