Monday, April 02, 2007

Went to Labrador park and saw my very first Sunset view, it was beautiful yet short... in a few moments the sun is gone... Is beautiful things always shortlived? Went back the second time a week later but it was raining no sun set for me..... Perhaps one shouldn't be greedy to ask for more....

Someone asked me what is happiness to me? hmm, never really thot about it, hmm, guess since i'm a nurse, i think its having a healthy body, to be able to wake up every morning perhaps sometimes afternoon n find myself n my loved ones still around is happiness....

You can say these are my needs, what about my wants? What do i want in life? Hmm, actually i just need a simple life, have enough to eat, enough to spend, actually am very fortunate to be born in this era and country... You may say then don u ever want to stay in big houses, drive big cars, buy luxuries? I feel they are good to have if don have i also won't chase over them. I think at the end of the day do you have time to enjoy these? Do you have time for your loved ones? Can you compare cold plastic cards, brick and mortar, metal moving object to a living person???

What if you managed to satify your wants, then what comes next??? Humans are greedy, they will keeping having wants... then when will your loved ones come into the picture?

Is planning for the future so important? Can't we live 1 day at a time? We don even know when is our time to go...... So y not live each day like there's no tomorrow??? Y be so hard on ourselves n people around us? Y can't 2 person be together happily, why must make things become so complicated......

I don't understand, can some gurus give me some guidance????

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