Friday, May 11, 2007

Its was a rainy evening at ponggol beach, missed out the sunset again... hmm, perhaps weather changes according to our moods, when we are moody everything around us seems to be moody as well... Should a beach be a romatic place or a place to look for solace? Perhaps it depends on the mood of individual...

Attended a reflective thinking workshop today, the trainer showed us this picture which I find its quite meaningful

Do you think is this a sunrise or sunset?
Well, it all depends on an individual. For an optimistic person it would most likely be a sunrise, on the other hand it could be a sunset for a pessimistic person. So the important thing i am trying to bring across is: "to be a happy person, one must have a positive mindset, without it life is a misery." One must learn to let go, when things are not meant to be then its not meant to be no point holding on... Happiness is waiting for us at the end of the tunnel if only we were willing to walk through the dark to find happiness... To be happy is a choice not a wish. Life is short, learn to cherish what you have before your eyes cause we have been focusing on what we don't have for too long and hurting the people who loves you...... People around you once gone is forever, we will never get them back, so don't live to regret, there are things that one can change if they want to.

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